Welcome! I’ve Missed You!

Hello my lovelies,

It has been awhile. First, let me just say this post will be my usual rambling self and will probably include a lot of links as my friends have been up to some awesome writer stuff. Thanks to Kerry K. for importing all the stuff for my site and doing the layout! Also, thanks to Michael Garcia for the awesome fucking Arts Collide banner! By the way, Mike has published his first essay about being raised in Los Angeles. Check it out.

I am still looking to tinker with the visuals of my site so keep an eye out for that! My good friend Jamie Moore (and Arts Collide contributor) has a new site you should check out. Also, editor extrodinaire and writing goddess Antonia Crane‘s site has been revamped (by Patrick O’Neil no less) so check that out too. Be on the look out for Antonia’s memoir Spent coming out in March.

Oh! I will be doing a review of Jamie’s novella Our Small Faces soon, as well as an interview and giveaway! Woot!

I’ll be heading to Seattle later this week for AWP. It’s that time of year to see people, make new friends, verbal vomit all over the place, and be a spazz. Lunch Ticket has a survival guide for AWP that is pretty cool. I’ll do a post when it’s all over with photos and to recount how many times I embarrassed myself.

Jen Pastiloff has been in London teaching some workshops. Check out her musings and ramblings here. If I can get my ass in gear, I should (hopefully) have some work on her site, The Manifest Station soon. (Check out that site, it’s fabulous.) Also, her recent essay at The Nervous Breakdown is so amazing.

I love love love Melissa Chadburn‘s writing. It always inspires me to take a hard look at the world I’m living in. Check out her article on Stand Your Ground and racial neutrality.

Speaking of The Manifest Station, they posted an excerpt of Alma Luz Villanueva’s new novel, Song Of The Golden Scorpion. Check it out. Interview with Alma and review also coming to Arts Collide soon!

I have been learning how to let people go. It hurts. More on that on a different day.

I was an extra in a music video for poet and musician Crystal Lane Swift Ferguson (aka CLS Ferguson) called Secrets and Lies. That will be coming out soon!

There is a new series at The Rejectionist where they interview writers on mental health and their writing lives. Jacqui Morton and Wendy C. Ortiz have great entries.

Speaking of Jacqui, she made her debut at The Rumpus with a heartbreaking essay.

MariNaomi has a piece at The Weeklings about her dream job…

I have so many pieces I want to link from writers I admire but I think I should cut it off for now. Check out my Twitter though for RT’s to many fabulous essays, stories, and articles.

Well I am going to link to two more things. I’ve had some recent publications I’d like to share. Here is a flash fiction piece at Drunk Monkeys called In Her Head. It is about wanting to make a friend.

My piece at The Weeklings came out yesterday and everyone has blown me away with their amazing responses. I was nervous about this one because I talk about pain and sex and things I didn’t want to share but did. Thank you everyone who has read, shared, and commented! Please continue to do so! 😉

An new installment from Mario Piumetti soon and an AWP update!


All That Yields-An Ode To Bettie Page (The Weeklings)

All That Yields-An Ode To Bettie Page (The Weeklings)


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