Update, say what???

So all my previous material is finally uploaded and from here on out it will be new stuff. Speaking of updates, previous interviewee and artist extraordinaire, Robert Aragon emailed me to tell me about a new trading card set that features his artwork. Here is an example:
This card of course features Lon Chaney’s incredible Phantom of The Opera. It is signed on the back from the Prima Ballerina in the film, Carla Laemmle who will turn 103 this October. A Happy early birthday to Carla. Robert mentioned that the cards might sell out pretty fast so they can be pre-ordered at: http://www.mnscards.com/
Here is an ad for the cards:
On a separate note, Robert read my previous post on Ray Bradbury. He let me know that Ray was a good friend of his. He then paid me the highest compliment by letting me know that Ray would have loved that post. Here is an amazing picture of Ray and Robert at a previous San Diego Comic Con.
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