The Grand Re-Opening

Hey Lovelies!

I’m back!! Welcome to the grand re-opening of Arts Collide. A few minor announcements and some big ones and the a lot of links and ramblings per my usual.

First, this site was beautifully redesigned by Patrick O’Neil. I love Patrick as a writer and a friend and he worked magic on AC. You should preorder his memoir, Gun, Needle, Spoon from Dzanc books! He also has a new essay out on Rehab Reviews about eating disorders.

Second, I have a Facebook page for Arts Collide. Consider giving it a ‘Like’. You’ll notice I promised this post a while ago. I promised this whole revamped site even longer ago. Life has been a little (a lot!) crazy and I am debating how much I want to get into that now. Part of me just wants to share a bunch of links, say hi, and run like hell. Maybe the two people in Canada who read this blog will read it.

Last year, I changed my job of 7 years and moved from my home of 10 years. That was the major reason why this blog, as well as 99% of my other projects fell off my radar. I am trying to amend that this year. Change is extraordinarily difficult for me and going through two of the toughest life changes did something to me internally that I am still trying to figure out and cope with.

First random link insertion!! I published a flash fiction piece in San Franciscan based Red Light Lit! Check out this link to buy the issue!

I am proud to celebrate a little over a year of working with literary establishments The Weeklings and Midnight Breakfast! Working in various capacities for these places (as well as other places) have taught me a lot about who I want to be as a writer and as a person. I have been wondering how best to serve the literary community in my own small way and really for me it is a joy just to share the work that I come across that brings me joy, tears, or any other strong emotion. Here is an interview I did with author, editor, and all around wonder woman Gina Frangello for Midnight Breakfast. We talk more about what it means to be a good “literary citizen” as well as the writing and editing life.

Side note: Gina Frangello is a fucking amazing woman! She is someone I just want to be sometimes!!

Other side note: Midnight Breakfast is doing a new form of crowd funding. Check it out here if interested!

Other other side note: Another person I aspire to be and good friend, J Ryan Stradal has a piece in the newest issue of Midnight Breakfast in anticipation of his debut novel!

I have another installment of Mario Piumetti’s serial coming up on Friday and I am thinking about doing a link round up post on Saturday.

Oh! The love of my life and kick ass writer/editor Seth Fischer published an absolutely stunning piece in the “Pictures of You” series on PANK! Check out his story, “Smurfs”.

It’s great to be back!!

See you again soon!


Below are two photos from the book launch of my friend, Lisa Cheby’s poetry chap book, Love Lessons from Buffy the Vampire Slayer!! Buy it here!

From R to L: The woman of the hour, reader, reader, and the hottest host ever!

From R to L: The woman of the hour, reader, reader, and the hottest host ever!

Reading from my essay, "All That Yields: An Ode to Bettie Page"

Reading from my essay, “All That Yields: An Ode to Bettie Page”

Oh, if you’re interested, my updated publication list is here! Thank you!

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