The Eye of the Storm by Davin Kimble

Arts Collide would like to welcome Davin Kimble and his flash fiction piece, “The Eye of the Storm.”

The bottle smashed against the wall.

“I can’t believe you just did that,” Jamie said suddenly very calm. Moments ago they’d been screaming at each other, the cascade of insults from both sides of the room converging in a verbal storm that whipped all understanding to tatters. Now, the eye had come, the break before the second wind.

“You can’t believe what; that I tried to hit you with a bottle or that I wasted all that whiskey?”

“Both,” Jamie said. They chuckled a little and the tension lifted but each kept a wary distance from the other.

“What is wrong with us Jamie,” Linda asked, “what’s going on with us?”

“Us? You,” Jamie could feel the anger returning. He tried to quell it. He took a deep breath. “Look, I’m sorry. I said some things I shouldn’t have –“


“There wasn’t going to be a “but” Linda.” Jamie sighed and turned away.

On the wall behind him the brown liquid was slowly drying. The whiskey was going to stain the wall if he didn’t clean it soon, he’d have to paint over it later if he didn’t clean it now but he couldn’t bring himself to give a damn. He bent and picked up the largest remaining fragment of glass, the neck; it had a wicked looking shard sticking out a good six inches. For a brief moment he had a vision of stabbing Linda in the neck with it. The vision was so sharp, so visceral, that he could feel the flesh resisting his efforts. He could hear the short crack of the glass breaking inside as it gave way to the resistance of muscle and bone. The thought almost made him gag. He didn’t have the stomach for murder. That thought almost made him cry. He didn’t have the courage to leave and he didn’t have the courage to kill, himself or her. He held the bottle fragment like a dustpan and began scooping broken bits into the hollow. Tears threatened to flow as he considered his relationship.

“I love you Linda.”

His only answer was the slam of the bedroom door.

Davin Kimble

Davin Kimble

Davin Kimble lives in and writes from Fort Worth, Texas, when he is not out on the road driving a truck to make money. Then he writes from wherever he happens to be. He takes every writing project as an opportunity to become a better writer. From pen pals, to blogging Davin is always looking for reasons to expand his knowledge of and skill with the written word. You can find him around the web under the screen name davinkwriter. His most recent published works include pieces in local Publishing house Twit Publishing’s PULP! Volumes 1, 2, and 3. And by recent I mean it’s been way too long since he’s published anything of note. He is currently working on two novels “Rise of the Dragon”, a story about a reluctant hero in a time of myth and magic, and “Donovan”, a tale about a revolutionary blogger turned agent of the state. He also writes a blog that needs more attention The Kimble View Point. A Recent dropout from the Full Sail Creative Writing for Entertainment BFA program, he is learning how to expand his storytelling abilities into new mediums.

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