Forgive Yourself

This is a phrase I came across today and it immediately resonated with me. I’ve spent a lot of time lately (well lets face it, my whole life) apologizing for things. Apologizing to my writer friends for asking for their work than taking a month plus to return feedback, apologizing on this blog for not having the site up and running, apologizing to the universe for mistakes I’m not even sure I made because when life gets bumpy, I immediately berate myself for whatever it was I did wrong that surely must have caused this.

I must say I’m getting tired of doing that.

I need to stop apologizing. In order to do that, I need to stop doing the things that make me feel the need to apologize. I will always read my friends work but it will come with the caveat that it may take me awhile. The site will get finished when it does. I need to say no to some projects so that I can sleep. I may need to miss some readings so I can get work done. Things and people do not stop just because I am not there to see it. (*that is not to say if I’m not there, its not happening, just that I hate missing awesome events.)

Forgive Yourself

Hey! I have a new essay over at BLEED. In my quest to have a room of my own, I will find any room in which to write.

I would also like to give a shout out to some recent essays or blogs that have entertained me recently. Mario has a blog post on figuring out writing space as well (I’m totally giving myself undue credit for inspiring it.)

Seth Fischer has a new essay over at The Rumpus, Bow and Arrow. This essay has had a difficult journey but I think the end results speaks to its amazing awesomeness and intensity,

Mari Naomi has her first essay up over at The Weeklings. I am officially in love with anything she does so go check her out!

Happy T-Day!

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