Fiction Submission- Kimberly Cluney "Leap Year"

Hello my lovely babies! We have another awesome piece of fiction to share. This is a mini excerpt from Kimberly Cluney’s novel in progress “Leap Year”. Enjoy, share, comment!

A review on a recent book is coming up next.

            Katheryn didn’t know when it happened, but it did and she only has herself to blame. She thinks about what she could do to change it, to turns things around but she’s screwed up so bad she doubts anyone would care or come. 

             She pokes at her birthday cupcake the one she had to buy herself and wonders why people love to celebrates them, but she realizes that those people are surrounded by friends and family who love them as she sits at her tiny table that only has one chair since she felt she has never really need another one. She thinks that maybe if she had bought another one it would have made a difference. It would have made her want to venture out and find a bottom to plunk into that other chair, but she sighs because most likely it never would have made a difference. 
            Looking about her dreary one bedroom apartment she resolves to make a change. This year will be different, this year she will find a bottom to plunk down into the other seat (once she buys one of course) and she will be happy, biting into her birthday vanilla cupcake she thinks it has never tasted better. She takes another bite of her cupcake while mentally thinking of a list of things she needs to do. Once she’s done with her cupcake grabs a piece of her stationary paper and the pen that matches and writes her list down, it wouldn’t help to forget everything tomorrow. 
            She decides to arrange the list by days giving herself goals to achieve to reach her success. At the top she places today’s date but then frowns. This tiny piece of paper will not be enough; she would need a notebook of some sort so she can write her goals and even record her process. She feels her heart beat faster and she realizes this is excitement. She cannot come up with another time she has ever felt this way. She gets up a bit too quickly and knocks her chair off balance and quickly rights it before walking slightly faster than normal to her desk. Looking through the drawers the corners of her mouth droop down when she comes up empty. Shaking her head she takes a breath and tries not to let this dissuade her. Walking calmly back to the table she figures she can buy the book tomorrow as it was almost eight now and too late to go out.  So she starts her list for tomorrow:
Today: 2/29 at 7:56 pm,
Ends 3/1 midnight.
            -Buy notebook
                        Criteria to meet:
                        – must have several hundred pages
                        – must have ordinate front leather cover
                        – Paper must be lined
            Glancing down she notices that her stationary and pen match she shakes her head then adds one more item to her criteria list:
                        – can not have matching pen. 
            Katheryn nodded happy with her list. Getting up to place the paper on her desk she hesitated then sat back down she feels like she should add something else to her list that, she wasn’t going to be doing enough to change. Katheryn realized how silly she was acting she knew that in order to make this work she was to start small set realistic goals she can accomplish. Looking at the time 8:14 she curses herself she should have started her shower at eight so that it had enough time to properly heat. She’s behind schedule now. Abandoning the list on the table she heads to the bathroom to start her nightly ritual.
Born and raised in the depths of hell, Kimberly Cluney sometimes ventures out into public to charm us with her (cruel) wit and (brutal) honesty. She details these adventures HERE, and is currently running a blog about her animal minions HERE. Kimberly is also one half of the dynamic duo that is Zoombie, which you can read about HERE.
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