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Not Abandoned, Not Dead…

Hello my lovers,I swear I didn't abandon this blog. It doesn't have to go join the wayward home for orphaned blogs in the netherworld of the interweb. I have actually been working with a web designer [...]

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Insomnia vs. Caffeine: The Resulting Post

Hello my beautiful ones, I guess I am not keeping my promise of keeping this up to date. I will try harder but the last couple of weeks have not been spent in idleness. I promise. The next issue of L [...]

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AWP-Boston 2013

Hello my loves! **Warning, this post is being written in the midst of insomnia induced mania, This will probably not sound smart or make sense.** So I am finally getting to the AWP review (one [...]

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I earned my MFA, now what?

Hello! It has been quite a while since I’ve posted anything and I am sorry. I graduated from my MFA program mid-December and with the holidays and all, I am barely feeling like I am returning to my [...]

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A Brief Update

Hello loyal (but few) readers!I do not mean to neglect my blog but I am in the midst of my final term for my MFA and aside from my every day "normal" life and its issues interfering with my work, I am [...]

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I hate myself for this but…

I created a Twitter page. I made it for the blog! (She tells herself to hide the shame.) I also hear it is a good way to follow writers, agents and blog updates on things I like or want to learn more [...]

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