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Not Abandoned, Not Dead…

Hello my lovers,I swear I didn't abandon this blog. It doesn't have to go join the wayward home for orphaned blogs in the netherworld of the interweb. I have actually been working with a web designer [...]

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Insomnia vs. Caffeine: The Resulting Post

Hello my beautiful ones, I guess I am not keeping my promise of keeping this up to date. I will try harder but the last couple of weeks have not been spent in idleness. I promise. The next issue of L [...]

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Things I’ve learned from Stephen Elliott, Amanda Palmer and Kickstarter about Art

 As the title suggests, this is some of the stuff I’ve recently learned from Stephen Elliott and Amanda Palmer on art from their art and their respective Kickstarter campaigns. Some bios on th [...]

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AWP-Boston 2013

Hello my loves! **Warning, this post is being written in the midst of insomnia induced mania, This will probably not sound smart or make sense.** So I am finally getting to the AWP review (one [...]

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I earned my MFA, now what?

Hello! It has been quite a while since I’ve posted anything and I am sorry. I graduated from my MFA program mid-December and with the holidays and all, I am barely feeling like I am returning to my [...]

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A Brief Update

Hello loyal (but few) readers!I do not mean to neglect my blog but I am in the midst of my final term for my MFA and aside from my every day "normal" life and its issues interfering with my work, I am [...]

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