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A Small Note for Shameless Self Promotion

Hey lovelies, I have great stuff to share later this week but for now wanted to add a quick note on two things: 1. I published my first ever review today at The Rumpus! I reviewed the California [...]

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The Grand Re-Opening

Hey Lovelies! I'm back!! Welcome to the grand re-opening of Arts Collide. A few minor announcements and some big ones and the a lot of links and ramblings per my usual. First, this site was bea [...]

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Grand Re Opening Tomorrow

For any who are checking out the page today. Please look around. Most of the content on here is pretty old. New content starting tomorrow. Thanks all, Ashley

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Welcome! I’ve Missed You!

Hello my lovelies, It has been awhile. First, let me just say this post will be my usual rambling self and will probably include a lot of links as my friends have been up to some awesome writer stu [...]

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A Holiday Update

Hello my lovelies, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or just Happy Wednesday! Another mini-update! Lord knows when my site will be officially up but I can't wait for it. I have so much cool shit [...]

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Forgive Yourself

This is a phrase I came across today and it immediately resonated with me. I've spent a lot of time lately (well lets face it, my whole life) apologizing for things. Apologizing to my writer friends f [...]

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