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Review: We Voice Sing "Of Wishbones and Gunfire"

Hello Lovers, I am falling behind on life again but hey what’s life if you don’t lose your marbles every now and again. Antioch recently hosted their June residency and even while I am no longe [...]

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Book Review- "I Smile, But Who Am I Kidding?" by Melissa Meszaros

Hello my lovelies, I am so behind on posting this review but better late than never I suppose. This is my first nonfiction review so bear with me please. Up on deck is Melissa Meszaros’ memoir, I [...]

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Review: "The Cost of Living" by Rob Roberge

Hey people! I just wanted to ramble on for a little on a book I just read, “The Cost of Living” by Rob Roberge. I had the pleasure of meeting Rob during one of my residencies at Antioch. I though [...]

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