Archives for April, 2015:

A Small Note for Shameless Self Promotion

Hey lovelies, I have great stuff to share later this week but for now wanted to add a quick note on two things: 1. I published my first ever review today at The Rumpus! I reviewed the California [...]

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Horse Sense: An Andrew Ursler Installment

Here is the second to last installment in the Andrew Ursler series by Mario Piumetti! Final installment will be next Friday! Refresh your readings of the series thus far! Horse Sense By: Mario Piu [...]

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The Grand Re-Opening

Hey Lovelies! I'm back!! Welcome to the grand re-opening of Arts Collide. A few minor announcements and some big ones and the a lot of links and ramblings per my usual. First, this site was bea [...]

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