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Fiction Submission- Kimberly Cluney "Leap Year"

Hello my lovely babies! We have another awesome piece of fiction to share. This is a mini excerpt from Kimberly Cluney's novel in progress "Leap Year". Enjoy, share, comment! A review on a recent book [...]

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Review: "The Cost of Living" by Rob Roberge

Hey people! I just wanted to ramble on for a little on a book I just read, “The Cost of Living” by Rob Roberge. I had the pleasure of meeting Rob during one of my residencies at Antioch. I though [...]

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Fiction Submission- "Grind" by Mario Piumetti Jr. PART 2!

Hey all, I really love Mario for trying to help me get features on this blog to take off. He was the first to submit to my call for stories and asked if he could submit it as a serial. My reaction was [...]

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AWP-Boston 2013

Hello my loves! **Warning, this post is being written in the midst of insomnia induced mania, This will probably not sound smart or make sense.** So I am finally getting to the AWP review (one [...]

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